1. Forwards, Futures, and Options (MRT-002)

  2. Mechanic Soldier (MR-059)
    Effetto Joule

  3. Stretcher - USA Stretched Version (MR-060)
    Severed Heads

  4. Featuring Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky (MRT-001)
    The Analog Session

  5. Helium (MR-052)

  6. The Stars Are So Big… The Earth Is So Small… Stay As You Are (MR-051)

  7. An Arabesque (MR-056)
    Cloudland Canyon

  8. Technophelia (MR-053)
    Geneva Jacuzzi

  9. A Derangement Of Synapses (MR-054)
    Red Fetish

  10. Vinyl Collection (MR-055)
    Zeus B. Held

  11. Split 7" (MR-030)
    ((PRESSURES)) / Roladex

  12. Cenotaph (MR-046)
    U/V Light

  13. Synesthesia - The First Five Years (MR-050)
    Various Artists

  14. Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 3 – Obscure Singles Circa 83-86 (MR​-​049)
    Various Artists

  15. Disparitions (MR-047)
    Peine Perdue

  16. Kitty (MR-048)

  17. Land In Sicht (MR-043)

  18. The Official Anthology (MR-045)
    Post Industrial Noise

  19. Consumer Behaviour (MR-042)
    Le Cliché

  20. Early Recordings (MR-040)
    Bal Paré

  21. Remnants (MR-041)
    Mixed Feelings

  22. '83 (MR-038)

  23. Happiness And Contempt b/w Montage Morte (MR-039)
    Null And Void

  24. Shoulder Voices (MR-037)
    Rollerskate Skinny

  25. '83 (MR-038) Digital Album + Bonus Tracks

  26. Kline Coma Xero (MR-036)
    Kline Coma Xero

  27. Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 2 – Fuzz Dance (MR​-​033)
    Various Artists

  28. Synthetic Woman Bonus Tracks (Cassette B-Side and Demos)
    Gay Cat Park

  29. Aloa (MR-029)

  30. Anthems For The Micro-Age (MR-031)

  31. Ce N'Est Q'Un Début (MR-002)
    Alexander Robotnick

  32. Silver Apples Of The Moon (MR-044)

  33. Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1 – A Collection of Rare Singles, Etc. (MR-028)
    Various Artists

  34. Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions (MR-027)
    Illustration Sonore

  35. Vortex (MR-024)
    Paul Nelson

  36. Laugh Clown Laugh (MR-025)
    Laugh Clown Laugh

  37. Red Movies (MR-026)

  38. Die Gesunden (MR-022)
    Die Gesunden

  39. Youth (MR-023)
    Body 11

  40. Iceman (MR-020)
    I Signori Della Galassia

  41. Near Paris (MR-019)
    Near Paris

  42. Compass Kum'pas (MR-010)
    Dalek I

  43. OGI (MR-008)

  44. Explorer And Yellow Power (MR-016)
    Tony Carey

  45. Erde 80 (MR-014)
    Christof Glowalla

  46. No Motion (MR-015)
    Disco Volante

  47. Synthetic Woman (MR-012)
    Gay Cat Park

  48. No Visible Means (MR-009)
    Lou Champagne System

  49. Guyer's Connection (MR-007)
    Guyer's Connection


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